Meet Your Tech

Ryan, Mike & Tony have over 50 years of combined experience in appliance repair! Read more in their personal profile.


Mike - Technician

Mike was raised & graduated from high school in Macomb county, after graduation he joined the army aviation for 8 years as a helicopter mechanic serving in Alaska and southwest end of us. he took those skills into HVAC/mechanical trades. He is a husband a father & a grandfather. He has specified in home appliances for over 14 years and joined the Jet Appliance team in 2017.



Ryan - Technician

Ryan was raised in northern Michigan, graduated from elk rapids high school and got into the appliance field right after graduating. He had years of hands-on training with his father who also did appliance repair and did factory training through sears. He is a husband and father of 4!



Tony - Technician

Tony was born and raised in northern Michigan and graduated from Atlanta High School. He is a family man and father to 3 girls! Learned the trade hands-on with his father every summer growing up, who did commercial appliance repairs. He started his professional career in 2009 and began working with Jet appliance in 2019.



Josi - Owner

Josi is the owner and voice of jet appliance, coming into the field in 2015 when taking over the business from her mother & father in law. She as all of the techs grew up in northern Michigan & is a mother of 4.